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Candidate Endorsements-John Simmons

Simmons values education and economic development

I will be voting for John Simmons to be re-elected as Town Councilor for North Attleborough. I support John because he shares my principles and values regarding economic development, public safety and education.

We are fortunate to live in a town where there are some great small businesses. It has been so wonderful to see the town embrace our local businesses, especially over the last year. We need to continue to support them and encourage small businesses to open here, both for quality of life and to generate income for the town.

We also need to keep our town safe and healthy. We are so fortunate to have the NAPD and NAFD who are the utmost professional, always responding as quickly as possible and with the most professional care. We need to support them with gratitude and thanks.

Lastly, we are so fortunate that our children have a great public school system. We need to continue to support our teachers who face so many challenges in their classrooms, many of which go beyond teaching our children academics.

I know that John shares my views on all these matters which is why I will be voting for John Simmons and encourage you to do so as well.

Jill Moore, North Attleborough

John Simmons strives to improve himself

I have been the paralegal at Law Office of Weiner Jackson & Simmons for the last four years. In that time, I have gotten to know John Simmons quite well. I have seen him at his most stressed and tired; in those moments, I have also seen him at his best.

John is the classic example of someone who thrives under stress. He is determined to solve whatever problem he is facing and make sure that it is resolved properly for all those involved. John is extremely competitive in a positive way. His biggest competition is always with himself, always striving to improve upon what he did in the past because he just wants to do more and be better at everything that he does.

Although we work hard in the office, John always makes it a great place to work. He is extremely supportive of my professional growth and personal happiness. I couldn’t ask for a better boss or friend.

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