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A look at the Town Charter and election

Question 1: What is a Charter?

Answer 1: A Charter is a town’s governing document. Think of it as the town’s Constitution. North Attleborough’s Charter can be found at this link.

Question 2: Who is the Town Manager?

Answer 2: The Town Manager is the chief executive officer of the town. The position is similar to a mayor. However, unlike a mayor the Town Manager is not elected but rather is hired by the Town Council. Michael Borg is our current (and first) Town Manager.

Question 3: What does the Town Manager do?

Answer 3: The Town Manager is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the town as well as the creation of the annual budget. The Town Manager appoints department heads and members of boards and commissions. The Town Manager essentially runs the town.

Question 4: What is the Town Council?

Answer 4: The Town Council is the town’s legislative body, something like Congress. It is made up of 9 resident volunteers who are elected to represent the community.

Question 5: What does the Town Council do?

Answer 5: The Town Council hires the Town Manager and votes to accept or reject the annual budget prepared by the Town Manager. Town Council also has other duties including: approves all appropriations (spending); votes to approve or amend general bylaws (town laws); and confirms appointments made by the Town Manager of department heads and members of boards & commissions.

Question 6: Why is there another election – didn’t we just vote in November?

Answer 6: The election in November was the state/federal election. Town elections – where we vote for town officials as well as ballot questions (if any) – are held every year on the first Tuesday in April. This year’s town election will be held on Tuesday April 6, 2021.

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