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Candidate Endorsements-JoAnn Cathcart

Cathcart represents the community well

On April 6, JoAnn Cathcart will have my vote for re-election to the Town Council in North Attleborough. I voted for her two years ago and she has served on the first council. I have watched many meetings and have continuously been impressed by her knowledge of the issues, her ability to see through to the core of a problem and how to address it. It has also been obvious that while she brings a great deal of knowledge to the matters before the council, she sometimes is able to inject humor into a situation and bring it to resolution. JoAnn understands financial issues and looks not only at the big picture, but the details needed to make ideas become reality. Vote for JoAnn—she will represent you well.

John E. Kraskouskas, Church Street, North Attleborough

Cathcart is a knowledgeable member of the Town Council

When the list was printed in this paper of the candidates for Town Council, I was pleased to see JoAnn Cathcart’s name there. Having followed Representative Town Meeting and the transition to the new form of government, I am happy to have the chance to vote for JoAnn for re-election to the Town Council.

Over time, I have been impressed with her knowledge of the topic being discussed, her ability to get to the main issue, and her grasp of the mechanics of participating in public meetings. I may not always agree with JoAnn, but she is eminently fair. Further, it is amazing in this world of politics, she can change her opinion when given accurate information. I urge all voters to consider voting for JoAnn. I am planning on supporting her candidacy for re-election and I ask you to join me.

Kristen Kraskouskas, Church Street, North Attleborough

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