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Kurt Kummer ready for retirement after 15 years as athletic director


After 15 years as the athletic director at North Attleborough High School, Kurt Kummer is ready to enjoy his retirement.

Kummer, who has overseen all the high school sports teams, said he chose to retire this year due to his age. His final day as director will be Aug. 31 this year.

At 57 years old, Kummer said he was at the point in his life where he wanted to take care of his wife, daughters and his two houses.

“As a teacher, you have to work until you’re 58,” Kummer said. “I’m still young though, 57 is not old at all.”

Sharon Public School District Athletic Director Nick Schlierf, former North Attleborough teacher and coach Geoff Burgess, Nipmuc Regional High School Athletic Director Christopher Schmidt and Dudley-Charlton Regional School District Athletic Director Jim Scanlon are the four finalists who would succeed Kummer. The athletic director estimates the 17-member committee in charge choosing his successor will do so in April.

Kummer began his career as a physical education teacher in the Town of Franklin. In 2003, he became North Attleborough’s Varsity Head Football coach. After five years, he became the school’s athletic director, succeeding Paul Sullivan.

“I got to work with all the teams, with all the kids, and help them get ready to play and win,” Kummer said of his time as director. “We won some state titles, we did our share, and we were very competitive.”

Kummer also oversaw three students joining the Hockomock Stars Girl Hockey team in 2022. The students,  Ava O’ Dwyer, rittany Nordbeck, and  Alana Rice, were the first female athletes in NAHS history to be part of a league. He also oversaw the construction of a new baseball and softball field and the $5 million North Attleborough High School athletic complex project, which is set to be completed this spring.

While he has 15 years of experience and accomplishments, Kummer said he won’t miss his job that much.

“I did my work, I did my job, and I got paid very well,” he said. “We did a lot in my 15 years. I got a great staff working for me and they’ll do fine with whoever comes next.”

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