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North Attleborough Schools co-hosts Wellness Provider Fair


In partnership with King Philip Regional School District and the Office of Wellness, North Attleborough Public Schools co-hosted the Wellness Provider Fair on Oct. 18 at North Attleborough Middle School. The event served as a collaborative event for school and community-based clinicians.


The North Attleborough Public Schools, like many others, seek to find timely mental health services for students and families. In the post-COVID-19 school environment, the search for services has become even more taxing. In an effort to assist in these efforts, North Attleborough Public Schools is working to ensure the school-based staff are current in their knowledge of local mental health services and other available resources.


At the Wellness Provider Fair, community partners had the opportunity to meet and interact with elementary, middle and high school mental health staff from both North Attleborough Public Schools and King Philip Regional School District, share resources, opportunities, and best practices.


The time together included an opportunity for North Attleborough Public School professionals at the elementary, middle and high school levels to learn and connect with a range of providers and support services in the area. Some of the area providers that attended the Wellness Fair included New England Medical Group and Adolescent Behavioral Health Program, Summit Community Services, Hockomock YMCA, Social Action Services, Fuller Hospital, and Taunton/Attleboro Family Resource Center.


“The Wellness Provider Fair created an amazing opportunity for North Attleborough Public Schools professionals to increase their knowledge of mental health services,” said Director Camire. “We are working tirelessly to ensure that our students and families feel supported by our schools and all the resources we have to offer, and we thank all of the community agencies that took part.”


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