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Rep. Adam Scanlon confirms ballot appearance in pursuit of second term

Rep. Adam Scanlon (D-North Attleborough) can confirm that he will be on the ballot as he seeks a second term as the state representative for the 14th Bristol district, which consists of the Town of North Attleborough and portions of the Town of Mansfield and City of Attleboro. Scanlon turned in more than enough signatures to get on the ballot. Scanlon has reported success this past year on a variety of fronts. This includes relationships he has been able to create and maintain in his community and at every level of government, especially with local leaders and important organizations in the area.

Scanlon often relies on and seeks out the feedback of local leaders and residents to make informed decisions about complex issues impacting the Commonwealth. This assists him in knowing the budgetary needs of the area, such as funding to improve the air quality in schools, funding to address environmental issues like PFAS and the flooding in the Ten Mile River, funding for the WWII pool and the renovation of Allen Ave School to become a senior center/regional hub for food pantries, funding for workforce development and STEM opportunities for students, funding for local food pantries and local arts societies and support systems to address mental health challenges in our schools.

The biggest project Scanlon has been an advocate for (not only as a state representative but as a former Town Councilor and School Committee member) is the North Attleborough School Department’s Statement of Interest in proceeding with a feasibility study with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) regarding the potential construction or renovation of a new high school. Scanlon has spoken regularly with the MSBA this past year and has written in support of the project in the past, the MSBA is now assessing North Attleborough’s readiness to participate in this process of a feasibility study.

Adam understands the high importance of strong collaboration between our state and local leaders,” said North Attleborough Town Council President Justin Paré, “He has helped ensure that our district has a place at the table by bringing back many important resources to the area and by being a strong voice for our community as we work together to make the Hockomock region an epicenter of success in our Commonwealth.”

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