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Schools adjust proposed hires for FY23 budget

By Max

A wish list of new hires for the North Attleborough Schools will need to be pared down as the town’s response comes in approximately $300,000 less than requested.

At the March 7 meeting of the School Committee, Superintendent John Antonucci said that the proposed budget was 5.1 percent more than last year, described as “Level Service Plus.” Antonucci had previously said this meant that services in the previous fiscal year would remain in place, with some new positions included.

I can stand by it, but it was a little high,” said the superintendent. “It came from a place where we had been underfunded for several years.”

In conversations with Town Manager, Antonucci said that this increase would need to be reduced by around $300,000 to be in line with the town’s finances. He added this was fair, given the current situation.

We need to be realistic as to what the town can afford on a year-to-year basis,” he said. “I didn’t think it would be that positive four weeks ago.”

The budget process is still ongoing, and some savings could be realized in the weeks to come. For example, Antonucci said that some special education students are transferring out of the district, which would reduce this line item.

On the subject of new hires, Antonucci said that positions such as a science teacher at the high school and eighth-grade health teacher may become priorities. He said that just because something is removed doesn’t mean the need vanishes, and he will continue to advocate for the needs of students.

I feel good about this budget, I do,” said Antonucci. “There are still a lot of needs that aren’t going to get funded.”

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