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Town holds first hearing on Green Communities bylaw

Town holds first hearing on Green Communities bylaw

North Attleborough is about to commence a review of different ways it can become a Green Community. 

Part of the process for the town to join the Green Communities Program—run by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources—is adopting the Stretch Energy Code. This is an initiative adopted by many towns across Massachusetts requiring buildings to meet higher energy efficiency standards. 

The town has until the end of October to meet this and other requirements, after which it can apply for $175,000 in grants to implement environmentally-friendly changes, such as fuel-efficient vehicles, energy-efficient boilers, or windows that better retain heat and air conditioning. 

“It’s a win-win all around,” said Town Councilor John Simmons at a meeting held Sept. 11. “It’s an extra step, but we get so much back.”

The Town Council would need to vote to adopt the code as a general bylaw. A reading of the code was held at the Town Council meeting on Sept. 11, and more hearings will be done with building experts. The council voted to forward this to the Bylaw Subcommittee for further review.

“We can’t do enough to protect the earth,” said Councilor Adam Scanlon. 

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