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North Attleborough Megabucks ticket claimed 

By Michael Oliveira

The Pick N’ Pay on 54 S. Washington Street of North Attleborough had its winning Megabucks ticket claimed by Coogan Smith’s Clients Trust One Stephen Withers Jr.

Withers chose the one-time cash option payment of the prize, where he won $710,000 before taxes that was at stake in the Massachusetts State Lottery’s Megabucks drawing that took place on Wednesday, May 22.

Since the game was redesigned on Nov. 13, 2023 to bring more value to players, there have been three Megabucks jackpots won. The game was redesigned with better odds of winning, a higher average jackpot, and double the winnings for all non-jackpot prize tiers.

The redesigning of the game also added Monday drawings to the traditional lineup of Wednesday and Saturday drawings. It also reduced the numbers to choose in the game from 49 to 44. This allowed the odds of winning the jackpot to go from 1 in 13,983,826 all the way down to 1 in 7,059,052.

The Pick N’ Pay that sold the winning ticket will receive a $7,100 bonus for the sale.

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