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NAHS Class of 2024 encouraged to “cherish each moment” at graduation ceremony

NAHS Salutatorian Matthew Garafalo spoke to the challenges faced in their freshman year and how they prepared the class for the future. Staff Photo/Michael Oliveira

By Michael Oliveira

On a sunny June 7 evening, North Attleborough High School hosted its graduation for the senior Class of 2024, with bleachers and chairs on the field filled to honor the 282 graduates.

The night started with the Master of Ceremonies Madeline Bonneau and Carson Crump greeting the crowd. As the graduation festivals continued, Bonneau introduced the Class President Jeylan Olmez.

Olmez started the speech by introducing the School Committee and other members of the town who were in attendance for the ceremony. Olmez was very grateful during her speech, shouting out every member of the school that helped the Class of 2024 get to where they are today.

“What sets the Class of 2024 apart is a relentless drive. While we may not always be the best at everything we attempt, we possess an unparalleled passion.” said Olmez. “Since our elementary school days we’ve eagerly awaited graduation, longing to grow up and leave childhood behind. Now as we approach this milestone, we realize the value of cherishing each moment.

“High school marks not the end of our lives, but rather the beginning. As you prepare to embark on the next adventure of our journey, let us carry with us the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and the memories created.”

The ceremony continued with a rendition of “Golden Hour” by JVKE with Class of 2024 students Sebastian Sanchez Mondrogon, Sofia Bertino, Terrence Fevier and Nicolann Jerenie.

Following by the performance were two essays from Salutatorian Matthew Garofalo titled “The Journey and the Destination” and another from Valedictorian Vivian Racine titled “The Art of Not Peaking in High School.”

“A lot has happened these past four years. We came into high school only coming to the building two out of five days,” said Garofalo. “A decade down the line we are going to look back and laugh at how ridiculous our first year of high school was. It was all a part of our journey though. I can confidently say that our freshman year made us stronger, and helped build the resiliency of our class.”

“After today, you still have so much time to change and grow. Instead of falling for the drug that is nostalgia and wishing for the past to come back, welcome change,” Racine said. “It’s what makes life exciting.”

Sebastian Sanchez Mondrogon (piano), Sofia Bertino (left), Terrenxe Fevier (center), and Nicolann Jerenie (right) perform “Golden Hour” by JVKE during the June 7 commencement ceremony at North Attleborough High School. Staff Photo/Michael Oliveira

After both speeches were delivered, Max O’Malley, NAHS Class of 2024 Treasurer, came onto the stage and presented the class gift.

“The senior class officers and I have decided to donate our remaining funds to support student activities in an effort for all students to have a voice in the continuation of beautifying and enhancing both the inside and the outside of the school, so that the work of our students within the school can be remembered for generations to come.” said O’Malley.

Class Secretary Connor Peterson followed suit by discussing the class motto.

“The motto for the Class of 2024 is offered in the form of an inspiring song lyric by Natasha Bedingfield from the song ‘Unwritten.’ Today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten,” said Peterson.

Before the presentation of diplomas, the school took a moment for a special portion of the ceremony to recognize students who were graduating high school and going into the military.

In partnership with the North Attleborough Veterans Department, those students would receive a commemorative military-style coin that would be given to each graduating senior that committed to working for one of the branches of the United States military.

“This coin represents the pride, support, and gratitude we all have for each of our seniors who have made the commitment to bravely serve our nation,” said Vice Principal Thomas Rizzo.

Rizzo would ask Commander Chrstina Sullivan, director of auxiliary for the US Coast Guard and Lyle Pernie, North Attleborough Economic Development Coordinator. He would call up two students, Derrick Slowe, for the United States Army, and Kevin Gauthier Hodgman, for the United States Coast Guard, to receive their coins.

After both students were honored, the presentation of the diplomas would start and each member of the 2024 senior class would be celebrated for this milestone.

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