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NAHS French Club commemorates 80th Anniversary of D-DAY on Omaha Beach

Members of the North Attleborough High School’s French Club will commemorate the 80th anniversary of D-Day on Omaha Beach in France after being awarded a trip by the Consulate General of France in Boston, according to an announcement from school officials.

The club will stand among multiple heads of state, including French President Emmanuel Macron, on Omaha Beach during an official celebration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day on June 6.

“To be on Omaha Beach during the 80th anniversary of the D-Day invasion is an invaluable experience that our students were able to earn through their hard work and innovation,” Superintendent John Antonucci said in a statement. “We would like to thank the Consulate General of France in Boston for providing this opportunity to our students through their competition and to our School Committee for supporting this trip. I’d also like to commend French Club Advisor Katherine Curran and our French Club for their project and presentation that won them this trip.”

Students were awarded an all-expenses-paid trip as part of a competition hosted by the Consulate General of France in Boston. This past November, the NAHS French Club, led by freshman Lilya Fouda, took part in the Consulate General and the Richard Lounsbery Foundation’s 2024 French-American Contest for students in the New England area. The contest invited participants to create projects that reflect the relationship between America and France. NAHS French Club participants included Fouda, Vice President Joanna Joby, Treasurer Theresa Stigliano, Sophia Fonseca and Maya Velazquez.

The NAHS French Club created an original game, “Friendship Wheel,” showcasing their research, design, language, and craftsmanship skills. The game, featuring the slogan “Keep the Wheel Running,” symbolizes the ongoing nature of the French-American relationship. It includes over 150 question cards, a QR code for the answer key, a logo, a design packet and an instruction sheet.

The club presented its project entirely in French to a committee of seven members from the Consulate General and other French officials. The contest went through three phases and the committee had to select three schools in the New England area which included NAHS, Danvers High School and Morse High School in Maine. North Attleborough’s game and the students’ presentation received the highest marks from the review board.

“This is such a great opportunity and an honor for the club. Considering our achievements in less than a year, the club is extremely vibrant. We have many more plans to support our school and community through language, diversity, cultural initiatives and presenting our town the best way we can,” said Fouda, president and founder of the NAHS French Club.

Students will travel to France from June 1-7 with Learning Adventures, an educational tour group. As part of their trip, students will spend two days in Paris and three in Normandy visiting various museums and historical sites.

The French Consulate in Boston will host a ceremony to honor the NAHS French Club at the consulate on Thursday, May 23.

“Our French Club students have demonstrated and been recognized for their impressive talents related to the French language and understanding of the relationship between America and France,” Principal Peter Haviland said. “We are extremely pleased to see our students apply the knowledge and information gained from their classroom and extracurricular activities to opportunities such as this one. We would again like to thank the Consulate General and the Richard Lounsbery Foundation for recognizing our students and allowing them to take part in such a monumental occasion.”

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