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NA to proclaim the first National Public Works Week

By Michael Oliveira

North Attleborough has proclaimed the week of May 19 – May 25 as National Public Works Week.

This proclamation occured after the Town Council granted the Department of Public Works director a flag for being the first responders for a flooding incident that occurred during an overnight storm on Jan. 10. This flag will be hung up in an appropriate place during Public Works Week.

Town Manager Michael Borg and Councilor Mark Gould felt it was necessary to honor the National Public Works for everything that they do for the communityt.

“We are asking, and putting before the council for consideration, to call attention to, and talk about public works and its importance and raise that awareness of what these public servants bring to the table and what they do” said Borg at the council’s meeting on May 13.

Borg is using this week to spread awareness of all the work that public works does for the town of North Attleborough. 

“We think it’s an important partnership with the government,” said Borg when presenting this proclamation.

There is a “Touch A Truck” event scheduled for May 18, in the World War 1 Memorial Park from 11 a.m.- 2 p.m. This event, hosted by Gould, will prepare the town for the National Public Works Week and offer a unique opportunity for children to explore vehicles of all types such as  public service, emergency, utility and construction all in one place.

Children will be allowed to touch, climb on, and ask questions about their favorite trucks in a safe, supervised environment.

“In some ways it’s a thankless job but an important one.” said Town Council President Justin Paré.

There were questions raised about why the DPW needs a week of honor compared to other departments.

 “There are endless people who have weeks and days associated with them that deserve that recognition and this council could find itself constantly issuing proclamations for all sorts of things.” said Councilor Dan Donovan.

The council would eventually vote 6-1, with one abstention, to approve a motion to declare National Public Works Week for the third week of May.

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