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North High student helps classmates better their French through new club

Since last fall, a North Attleborough High School freshman has been using her linguistic skills to help others better their French.

Lily Fouda, who speaks French, Arabic and English, founded the school’s first French Club after realizing that, though the school does offer classes in that language, resources for those who want to better their vocabulary are lacking.

“I wanted to share my skills with my colleagues and help whoever I can with the French language,” said Fouda.

Born in the United States to Egyptian and American parents, Fouda’s family moved to Qatar, where she lived there until the sixth grade. She attended a French school—Lycee Franco-Qatarien Voltaire in West Bay, Doha, Qatar—and has learned French, English and Arabic since she was 3 years old. Her family moved to North Attleborough shortly after the beginning of the COVID pandemic and Fouda said she wants to give back to the community that she calls home.

Working with NAHS English teacher and club advisor Katherine Curran, Fouda launched the French Club in September 2023. There are currently six members, and Fouda tutors and uses word games to help boost their skills. Members include club Vice President Joanna Joby, Head of Community Service Theresa Stigliano, and Sophia Fonseca and Maya Velazquez. The group also watches French movies and there are plans to start a French book review.

The club is open to anyone enrolled in French classes, but they don’t have to be to receive help from Fouda. The club founder is even helping translate for a student who speaks French but is having difficulties with English.

“This club creates a fun environment and they can learn additional vocabulary,” Fouda said.

Another goal of the club is to add to the French books in the school library. Fouda said the club collaborated with the Alliance Francaise De Providence, in Providence, Rhode Island. Dominique Gregoire, the executive director, recently donated 40 French books to the NAHS library.

“There are really helpful,” said Fouda. “I’m really grateful with their help for the books.”

Looking ahead, Fouda has a number of goals for the club. These include participating in the French Embassy in Boston’s competition to create a project that reflects the French-American relationship. Fouda hopes that membership continues to grow and that the club becomes “a pillar” of the high school.

“My biggest dream is to establish a cultural center in NAHS,” said Fouda. “NAHS has students from various backgrounds and it will be great if we can have a cultural center where everyone shares their culture and language. I also want to advocate teaching multiple languages from a younger age, as children can learn more languages compared to older ages.”

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