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Several Macy’s locations to be closed, unknown if North Attleborough among them 

By Michael Oliveira

The company that runs the Macy’s clothing stores recently announced the closing of several locations, yet it is unknown at this time if the Emerald Square store is to be among them.

According to a recent announcement from the company, a new strategy for the year was being executed which included the closing of “approximately 150 underproductive locations, including approximately 50 by the end of the fiscal year, and prioritizing investment in approximately 350 go-forward locations and the continued expansion of small-format stores.” 

The announcement stated that the goal is to prioritize investments in the remaining 350 stores left once the 150 stores are closed. Some speculation has also blamed a drop in stock value over the last nine years for the recent closings, as it has dropped nearly 75% since 2015.

According to the announcement, there is growing confidence in Macy’s Inc that hopes this move will “re-strengthen the company’s brand, digital presence, and relationship with customers”

After 2026, the remaining 350 Macy’s locations are projected to be reinvested, and improved upon. They are also aiming to solidify Macy’s premium locations and opening more stores such as Bloomingdale’s and Bluemercury which are considered more luxury-based locations.

Regarding the North Attleborough location there has been news with the five confirmed store closures being in California, Hawaii, Florida, and Virginia.

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