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North Attleborough appoints new parking clerk

The town has selected a new person to serve as its new parking clerk, and it’s a familiar face for residents who have visited the Town Hall.

Resident Services Representative Chanelle Sae-Eaw officially began her duties as the parking clerk in January and succeeded Judi Sulfaro, who held the position for over 33 years. As a parking clerk, Sae-Eaw is responsible for assisting residents in paying for parking tickets that they receive. These payments can be made in person at Town Hall or online through a credit card.

Despite her job primarily focusing on payments, Sae-Eaw said she enjoys her work. She added that while the requests for help have been minimal, she is always happy to see people come to Town Hall for assistance.

“I’m here to assist the residents,” Sae-Eaw said. “I am a people person. I always like to help people.”

One aspect of Sae-Eaw’s job that sets her apart from other positions is her responsibility to work with the North Attleborough Police Department. Occasionally, a parked car may be found in a spot reserved for a handicapped driver. During these circumstances, Sae-Eaw is tasked with contacting the NAPD dispatch and alerting them of the potential parking violation.

“If we receive a complaint via Big Red 311 about someone parking in a handicapped spot without a valid placard, I will assign the task to NAPD dispatch,” Sae-Eaw said. “They will then send an officer to investigate and issue a ticket if necessary. If a parking ticket is issued, payments may be made at the town hall or mailed to the Town of North Attleborough.”

In addition to her new role as parking clerk, Sae-Eaw said she will still serve as the town’s residential services representative and assist with any potential complaints regarding town services or any other general concerns.

“When I was hired back in 2004, it was included in my roles and responsibilities as the resident services representative to assume the duties of the parking clerk,” Sae-Eaw explained. “The duties of the parking clerk directly relate to my role as the Resident Services Representative in resolving residents’ complaints, following up on any open issues, and acting as an “ombudsman” to our community.”

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