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North Attleborough officials warn of fraudulent email scam 

The town is warning residents of an ongoing false email that is asking for electronic signatures. 

In a post on Facebook on Nov. 1, a spokesman wrote that an email that claims to be from the Town of North Attleborough is being sent to residents and asking for them to sign a document using the program DocuSign. The spokesman wrote that either one or multiple people had used public information of the town’s website layout to make a copy email.

“We want to emphasize that our systems have not been compromised,” the statement wrote. “The individuals behind this email have carefully constructed it using publicly available information about our town with the intention to deceive recipients.”

According to the town, the email’s address is not the same one used by a town official. They added that the email has multiple grammatical errors. The spokesman wrote that the town ensures its emails are grammatically correct and have no spelling mistakes or emails within the text.

The town is recommending that those who have received the email to not click the link. For those who have, it is recommended that they should monitor their bank accounts and statements in case there is any suspicious activity. It is also recommended that they update the computer they used to open the email to ensure the anti-virus software is working properly in case there is any malware within the email link.

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