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NAHS campus supervisor, Mr. Sheridan, breaks down what the students mean to him

By Grace Sadek and Emilee Davis

A NAHS news team interviewed one of the most beloved and appreciated staff members of North Attleboro High School, the one and only Mr. Sheridan. 

The news team was able to get to know him and answer a question that the students at NAHS might be wondering: how does Mr. Sheridan serve this school?

Well, Mr. Sheridan is the campus supervisor, which means he makes sure that all the students are in class during the day, and he is also in charge of directing traffic in the mornings and afternoons. But that does not prevent Mr. Sheridan from getting to know the students at NAHS and bonding with them. 

Mr. Sheridan first joined the school as a substitute teacher. He stated that his daughter went to NAHS and he was in between careers and was planning to retire, and joked with her by saying, “I think I’m going to sub at the high school.” But his daughter thought it was a good idea, so he began working at NAHS and hasn’t left. It may have started as a joke, but Mr. Sheridan found a job that he truly enjoys.

Mr. Sheridan tried out several positions before ending up as campus supervisor. He has found that he prefers his job now because he gets to interact with all the students, help the teachers, and overall build relationships. 

He became an integral part of the community at North in many ways, but especially through the students. When asked his favorite thing about NAHS he said, “Probably the students. I think the students are good, I think they’re funny, and I think they have great personalities. I just like walking down the halls and giving them fist bumps and having people give one back and smiling, it’s all about smiling, it’s all about having a good time.” 

Mr. Sheridan expanded on this idea when discussing what he ultimately wanted to accomplish at North. He wants to build relationships with students and make sure that kids feel comfortable asking him for help. He understands how critical of a time high school is in a person’s life and wants to make sure he does what he can to help out the students at NAHS during that critical period.

Mr. Sheridan has drawn on his past experiences from high school to help him forge relationships with the students. When asked his favorite thing from when he was in high school Mr. Sheridan expressed that it was playing hockey. He explained that he was the goalie for his team and being a part of it helped him to learn, “how to be a team player.”He expressed that he learned things from those days that he’s just realizing now, like, “how kids think, and how things happen.” Mr. Sheridan says that by being involved with sports it allowed him to learn these things and ultimately helped him in trying to form relationships with students at North.

Mr. Sheridan provided a lot of information, but ultimately what matters most to him is the students at NAHS, and the most important thing that he shared was his open heart for serving others.

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