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Strachan says team has “all the pieces for a great season”

Football season begins in less than a month, and North Attleborough High Coach Mike Strachan said his team is ready for any challenge.

Strachan, who enters his second year as coach, described the 2023-24 Red Rocketeers as a “young but experienced” team with top-quality athletes.

“They’re strong, and we have the pieces of a great team this year,” Strachan said. “Our greatest asset right now is our offensive and defensive line. I think there is a big expectation for us this year.”

Strachan said the team has been working hard throughout the offseason, participating in a four-day strength training program and attending three conditioning programs every Friday afternoon after school.

The team will begin training camp on Aug. 26, playing practice games wearing equipment and tackling one another.

“I have to give credit to our captains for being such amazing leaders,” Strachan said. “Quarterbacks Chris Hanewich (’24) and Chase Frisoli (’25) are really bringing out the best in our team.”

Strachan said Frisoli’s leadership in particular was very effective and that he understands the mechanics of the sport.

“He’s super-smart, yet a quiet leader,” Strachan said. “He’s probably one of the state’s top quarterbacks and works very hard at it.”

Last year, North Attleborough made it to the final four with eight wins and three losses, a record for which Strachan credits the Class of 2023.

“It was such a great season,” Strachan said. “It was because of our strong senior class that we made it to the final four. Defensive Tackle Zach Galleger and Defensive End Anthony DaSilva did a great job.”

Strachan believes the Rocketeers will leave an impression on the Hockomock League this year and should not be underestimated.

“We’re young, but we are experienced,” Strachan said. “We got all the pieces here for a great season.”

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