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New barber shop offers variety of cuts for customers

A new barber shop has opened on North Washington Street, and the owner said it’s a cut above the rest.

The Attleborough Barbershop opened up its doors this January. The shop, which sits next to Habbibi’s restaurant, offers more than 60 styles of haircuts for people of all ages.  As customers enter the building, they walk into a room filled with mirrors and orange seats—an aesthetic that barber shops had in the 1970s and 80s

John Tehalla, who owns the barbershop, said the style his shop has is unique and customers who come in for a haircut have only positive things to say about it. He said he based the aesthetic on his first shop in Boston on Columbia Road.

“We have had many customers so far,” Tehalla said. “We hope to get more, but a lot of people so far love it here, myself included.”

Tehalla, who had been cutting hair for 20 years, said the opening of the Attleborough Barbershop offered a new opportunity. After opening four barber shops in the Greater Boston area, Tehalla said the North Attleborough building would bring in more customers in the Bristol County area.

“We wanted to open one up in North Attleborough for some time,” he said. “We now have it and we like how it is going.”

Jay Paj, a customer who went to Attleborough Barbershop last month, said the service reminded him of being in a Boston shop. In a comment on Facebook, Paj wrote that Tehalla and his team provided “city hair” and that he was glad not to drive to the city when he wanted a haircut. He also applauded the shop for allowing walk-in appointments.

“The more the merrier,” Paj wrote about the shop. “These guys can cut.”

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