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Poiriers honored for years of community service

Walking onto Community Field, Betty and Kevin Poirier received a warm welcome from the community for their many years of service both in and out of the State House.

The Poiriers—who both served as State Representative for the 14th Bristol District—were presented with a dedication ceremony on Oct. 29 before the North Attleborough and King Phillip High School football game. They were applauded for a combined 40 years in the Massachusetts legislature and community service.

“Just the idea that they did this for us was quite moving,” said Betty. “Kevin lived in North Attleborough his whole life. I moved here when I was two but we grew our family and raised our children in this town.”

Born in Providence Rhode Island, Kevin Poirier, 82, spent his childhood in North Attleborough.  During his high school years, he was the captain of the football team. After graduating from Bryant College, he and Elizabeth were married in 1974. Both attended the same high school. Two years later, Kevin sought election for the 14th Bristol House District, which at the time had been recently drawn. He would serve for 20 years and become the Assistant Minority Leader from 1980 to 1999.

Following his resignation, Kevin would become director of development at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. His wife would continue his legacy by running for his seat in 2000.

Betty, 80, had been a known figure before seeking office, serving as president of the Downtown Associates of North Attleborough from 1990 to 1991, vice president of the North Attleborough and Plainville Chamber of Commerce from 1992 to 1993, and serving on the board of directors at the Madonna Manor Nursing Home in 1997.

She also owned a business downtown before her time on Beacon Hill, becoming friends with other businesses and a wide variety of people both from and out of North Attleborough.

Like her husband, she also had a role in House Republican leadership, serving as the minority whip—whose job is to gather yes or no votes from party members for legislation.

In 2020, Betty did not seek another term and was succeeded by Adam J. Scanlon (D), who serves as the district’s representative today.

Though their time on Beacon Hill ended, the Poiriers are still active in community service throughout North Attleborough. During the summer, the couple performed the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of the North Attleborough town forest trails and a brand-new dog park on Plain Street.

“It was so lovely to be honored by so many people,” said Betty. “We did a lot of things over many, many years.”

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