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North Attleborough has a new School Resource Officer


Lawrence “Jimmy” Morse has been part of the North Attleborough Police Department for five years.

Now, he’s heading back to school—-as the district’s new School Resource Officer.

Born and raised in Foxboro, Morse assumed the role of School Resource Officer (SRO) on Oct 24. His duties are to provide security for all North Attleborough schools, serve as a liaison between the school district and the police department, and provide resources for students and teachers.

The previous SRO, Officer Kristine Crosman, was transferred to the patrol unit in January due to staffing shortages. Morse, who was Crosman’s second-in-command, was elevated to the position and underwent the necessary training. Crosman was appointed to the SRO position in August 2019.  At that time, she said the decision to apply stemmed from a desire to do more in town and gain more experience. In addition to going on patrols, Crosman has also handled community police assignments at different town events. Funding for the position came from the recent override vote at Town Meeting.  She could not be reached for comment.

Police Chief Richard McQuade said while the shortages are still ongoing, the department has the necessary funds for an SRO in its budget. He said he was impressed with the time Morse committed to learning the requirements for the job.

“Officer Morse has been getting rave reviews from people who have talked to him so far,” McQuade said. “Before he started, he was meeting with school staff and students in large meetings. Parents are also impressed with his work.”

Like his predecessor, Morse will be stationed at North Attleborough high school. He will visit the other schools on patrol, though he will not be able to visit every school every day due to scheduling and listed priorities.

Dr. John Antonucci, the Superintendent of the North Attleborough School District, said he is also impressed with Morse—particularly in how he is visible and available for students.

“The SRO position is in my opinion one of the most important positions we have in the school right now,” Antonucci said.  “Given the current news and threats we have in this society,  I can’t imagine business with an SRO. I am thrilled to have him on board.”

Both Antonucci and McQuade mentioned Morse had a role in ensuring the safety of the North Attleborough Middle School after an employee found a message of a school shooting threat written on a bathroom wall this week. Currently, an investigation into the message is being conducted by the North Attleborough Police Department.

“He is currently helping with the investigation,” McQuade said. “We will provide further details of what happened after it is concluded. What I can say is that he has been an asset to the force and he was well prepared for the situation.”

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