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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-Paul Heroux can move the correctional system in an effective direction

Once Attleboro Mayor Paul Heroux announced his intention to qualify as a candidate to challenge Thomas Hodgson to become the new sheriff in Bristol County, Attleboro talk show host, Dave Kane declared that Paul was best qualified to assume this new sought-after elective office.

Endorsements are generally expected from one’s friends and associates and can be easily discounted by voters who want to make their own assessments.  However, having the support from Dave Kane must be viewed from an entirely different perspective as the talk show host and the mayor have been publicly and privately critical of each other.  Anyone familiar with Dave knows that he has not been a supporter of Heroux in previous campaigns.

However, Kane penned a letter to the editor of the Attleboro Chronicle, indicating Paul’s qualifications to be sheriff.  And he has continued promoting and defining Paul’s specific experiences and credentials during many of his radio broadcasts on WARA.

It is practical to discount supportive comments or letters from associates, employees or public figures, who may have a personal agenda. But, commendations from opponents who are familiar with a candidate’s true qualities for a particular office should be given greater attention and weight.

It takes a certain degree of maturity and concern for the greater good, when a former detractor is forthcoming with praise and recommendations. Clearly radio host Dave Kane recognizes the existential need for Thomas Hodgson to be replaced by a candidate who will undoubtedly move Bristol County’s correctional system in an effective and financially responsible direction.

Betty Ussach, Dartmouth

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