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North Attleborough softball goes three for three in Davenport league

By Max

For the third year in a row, North Attleborough’s varsity softball team has won the Hockomock League’s Davenport Division championship.

The team won the title in 2019, 2021, and 2022 (there was no 2020 season due to COVID), according to Coach Bill Wallace. Prior to the 2019 win, the team hadn’t secured the title since 1990.

After 29 years we finally broke the seal,” said Wallace.

Winning the title was a main goal for the team, but not the only one, said Wallace. The team was also focused on how far they can go in the state tournament, as well as remaining a top-tier group. This marks the first year the team has played Division 2 softball after years of being the smallest team in D1. It’s a change that happened after the MIAA created a fifth division and moved some teams around. Wallace said this season saw teams that North Attleborough softball had never played before.

This is a new slate for us,” he said. “I’ve got my work cut out for me.”

During this season the team went up against several heavy hitters, including 18-0 King Phillip, top-ranked Attleboro, and the title-winning Coventry R.I. team. North lost both games to Coventry, defeated King Phillip once and lost once, and lost to Attleboro, but Wallace said the experience made them better. Kelly Colleran and Zoey McDonough both showed great skill as pitchers, and team captains Ally Levine and Mandi Hanewich were the top batters, along with Shaelyn Burns.

Those are the kids that put the team on their shoulders,” said Wallace.

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