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North Attleborough’s baseball team takes Davenport title

By Max

For the second year in a row, North Attleborough’s baseball team has claimed the Hockomock League’s Davenport Division Championship.

The team won a portion of the title following a win against Canton, then secured this by defeating Stoughton, 6-3, on Wednesday. Though the team has a few more games to play, their win-loss record won’t be beaten by any other team this season. Coach Michael Hart said that North has faced Stoughton twice and both times were challenging.

In both games we were losing to them at some point during the games and came back to win,” he said on Friday. “The first time we played them, we were down 3-0 going into our last two at-bats.”

This win marks the 10th time the team has won the title. They won it in 2021, and before that in 2018. Hart said the season began very well with the team at 5-0, but then hit a rough patch. When that happened, the focus was on building experience and skills at practice and getting the team in the right mindset for future games. Hart said the coaching staff works with the players so that they can better anticipate what the opposing team will do.

So when we get on base, they know what to expect,” said Hart “Are you maybe taking notice of the way the opponent swings the bat, anticipate where the ball is probably going to go?”

Hart said the team’s pitching was very strong and credited seniors Danny Curran, Tyler Bannon, and David Floyd for their contributions. Catcher Tyler DeMattio has been strong on the offense, with a .420 batting average and 19 RBIs this season.

Those guys have kind of been our backbone,” said Hart.

The team has a number of juniors, and Hart said they’ve had good seasons as well, supporting the seniors and learning. Hart added that Junior Derek Maceda has had a good batting season, and lead the league in hits as a sophomore. Hart said the younger players have fit right in through their natural ability, especially Junior Dillon Harding, a relief pitcher, who also plays shortstop and second base.

They’re a great group of kids,” said Hart. “And, you know, they are talented baseball players on top of that.”

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