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School Committee candidate profile-John Costello

Name: John Costello

Other boards, committees, or organizations that you are or have been a member of:

North Attleboro Representative Town Meeting

Why are you running for this position?

Despite—and perhaps because of—all the unpredictable events of the last few years, I have enjoyed serving the community on its most important board. I believe what people most want from their public servants is someone who listens, even if they may not agree with every position or vote. Education is what shapes the future of our community, nation, and world, and it is essential that teachers, parents, and students have a seat at the table. This is especially important as we transition into the post-pandemic era.

What experience do you possess that would be helpful to the position for which you are running?

I served my first term on the School Committee during one of the most trying times we have ever faced with COVID-19 (talk about baptism by fire). There will undoubtedly be new challenges ahead that we may not know of now, but the pandemic has taught and reinforced for myself and other members how important collaboration and adaptability are to tackling these challenges. As an alumnus of NAHS and former employee in our schools, serving another term on the Committee would mean continuing to give back to a community that helped shape me from early on.

What issues do you wish to focus on?

We need to continue to develop opportunities to ensure our students have the most well-rounded education possible, as well as improve on existing ones. As we take on community improvement projects like the updated sports complex, students should have the opportunity to participate in safe, hands-on ways that might help them explore careers of interest.

We must see through contracts with fair, livable wages so that we can retain and attract teachers and support staff. Staff knowing they are valued means a better quality education for our students. Communication with staff and the public must continue to be improved so that neither feels they are unsupported or shut out.

As federal aid from the pandemic phases out, collaboration with the Town Council and state leaders will be essential to ensuring we can provide level service in the ensuing years.

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