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Churchwood showcases array of artists in ongoing series

Rhode Island artist MusicMan was among the many who performed as part of a show held at Churchwood Gallery last Thursday. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

By Max

With live music back in full swing, a North Attleborough business is providing a new venue for local artists.

Churchwood Gallery, owned by Matt Slobogan—who also owns The Preservation Framer—hosted a diverse lineup of rap artists on Thursday, Jan. 27. The event was run by 508USA, which is run by Brian Cady-Welch, a North Attleborough resident and musician. It was the fourth such show that he’s done since last summer.

There were no real shows in town,” said Cady-Welch, who also runs a recording studio. “No opportunities, maybe an open mic. So I just wanted to create more opportunities for people.”

Prior to this, Cady-Welch had done shows in the Providence area, but he wanted to bring local artists to North Attleborough. His first event was an open mic, which he said did well and led to a lot of positive feedback.

It was beyond my expectations,” he said.

After the success of the first show, Cady-Welch decided to keep it going and arranged more, working with Slobogan. He said that capacities had to be limited at first, which worked out well since they were able to meet those, and the events continued to grow as restrictions were lifted.

47Mufasa performs at the opening of an artist showcases held at Churchwood Gallery on Thursday, Jan. 27. The event was hosted by 508USA, which has done other shows at the venue since last summer. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

The show was a high-energy, diverse mix of styles. MusicMan, based out of Rhode Island, brought his passion to the venue with songs like “Certified.” Between songs he shared the news of a recent music video recording which brought cheers from the crowd. D-Mon3y was intense on the mic, with a skill that had the crowd moving and heads nodding. 47Mufasa opened the show with a precise, surgical style. Many more artists performed, and made time to shout out who had gone on before and who was on next.

Slobogan said he and Cady-Welch began talking online and later on the first show was booked. He’s liked the atmosphere of the events and hopes it picks up in the future.

For lack of a better word, culture,” said Slobogan when asked what these shows bring to the community. “And a place for younger people who are creatives to have a space to do something that they like to do.”

This show is one of many events that Slobogan has held since COVID restrictions lifted. Churchwood has been home to artist receptions, music classes, and he would like to bring yoga classes back to the location.

We want that room to be pretty active,” he said.

Cady-Welch said that having a show at Churchwood takes some of the pressure off everyone, especially those at the beginning of their music career, adding in a hometown feel. He hopes to get more support from the town so the shows can continue and collaborate with others to grow the experience.

You know, see where I’ve taken it and take the baton and run with it,” he said.

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