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Residents asked to report positive COVID-19 test results

By Max

In order to get an accurate accounting of COVID-19 cases in North Attlebrorough, the Board of Health is asking the public to report when their home test kits show a positive infection.

A form is now available through the town’s web site, which will allow the town to keep apprised of all positive cases. The weekly case tally for the town may be inaccurate since it does not account for the home test kits, which more residents are using these days.

The form asks for name and address, when the test was administered, if the person is experiencing symptoms, and if they’ve had contact with a person who was positive for COVID within the last 10 days. They can also submit an e-mail address or phone number and request a return contact from the health department.

Each person who has tested positive in the household should be included,” the statement read.

North Attleborough currently has nearly 4,700 positive cases in total, with 331 active infections. The test positivity rate for the town is approximately 20 percent, a vast increase over this time last year.

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