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Fire Chief Christopher Coleman and firefighters save man’s life mid-flight

By Max

Quick action by North Attleborough Firefighters saved the life of a man who experienced a seizure while on a flight.

According to information sent by the department, on a Southwest flight traveling from Boston Logan International Airport to Chicago Midway International Airport, Chief Christopher Coleman and several active and retired firefighters on board rendered aid mid-flight to a man suffering from a medical emergency.

Coleman, Capt. George McKinnon, Capt. Josh Langille, Lt. Scott Langille, retired firefighters Jeff Badger and Rich McDonagh, and Foxborough Firefighter Cory Shepardson were alerted to a man in a row behind them who was experiencing symptoms consistent with a seizure.

Coleman and the other firefighters were on the flight traveling to Denver to visit the Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial in Colorado Springs in honor of those who have passed away, including North Attleboro Firefighters Chris Cornetta and Jack White.

The firefighters quickly began performing CPR on the unresponsive man. Advanced life support was then administered until his pulse returned. He was stabilized for the rest of the flight and transported to an area hospital upon arrival at Midway.

The heroic actions of these firefighters today echo our mantra that we are never truly off-duty should any emergency occur,” said Deputy Fire Chief Michael Chabot. “These men are to be commended for their rapid response and lifesaving efforts that helped to stabilize this man mid-flight. Their swift action and determination, even at 30,000 feet in the air, is a testament to their unwavering preparedness and professionalism.”

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