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North Attleborough continues search for new town planner

By Max

Since last fall, North Attleborough has conducted two searches for a new Town Planner, only for those chosen to leave for other opportunities.

After Town Planner Nancy Runkle gave notice of her retirement late last year, a lengthy search process began. This concluded with the hiring of Jennifer Carloni, appointed to the position last November. She left the following spring to take the position of City Planner in New Bedford.

Nancy Durfee was appointed to the role in June. She announced her resignation on what would have been the first day to remain in Somerset as Town Planner, where she was working at the time of her hire to North Attleborough.

The position remains empty, though the Planning Office remains open for business.

At Monday’s Town Council meeting Town Manager Michael Borg said he has been working with Planning Board Chair Marie Clarner to review all previous applicants. He hopes to begin interviews later this week.

We will go through the process and hope that by next week we will have someone identified for the position,” said Borg.

Borg added that several staff in the Planning Office have volunteered to take on the role until a new Town Planner is hired. A Town Planner’s responsibilities range from making recommendations on developments and assisting landowners and developers to participating in long-range planning and zoning bylaw amendments.

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