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North Attleborough ponds to be closed on Friday

By Max

This Friday, Upper and Lower Falls Pond and Whitings Pond will be closed for chemical treatment.

According to information posted by the Conservation Commission, both ponds will be closed on Friday, July 16, for all uses. This includes swimming, boating, and fishing. Water from the ponds should not be used for irrigation, watering livestock, cooking or drinking purposes for five days after treatment.

Conservation Administrator Shannon Palmer said the work is being done to eliminate Water Milfoils, a weed that has been found at both ponds. She said the work is done annually and there is nothing unusual about weeds being present at the ponds.

It’s part of an ongoing aquatic management program to limit the growth of the weeds,” she said.

According to the Department of Conservation and Recreation, Milfoil is a highly competitive plant that is capable of rapid growth and spread. Milfoil can displace native species, reduce biodiversity, hamper recreational uses, reduce real estate, diminish aesthetic values and decrease water quality. Milfoil can out-compete native vegetation. Species that depend on that native vegetation to survive are forced to relocate or perish, resulting in a loss of biodiversity.

The treatment is being done by Solitude Lake Management in an effort to control non-native aquatic vegetation. For more information, contact the Commission at 508-699-0125.

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