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Letters of endorsement for Annie Slobogan

Annie Slobogan is passionate about the town

It is with great pleasure that I write to you endorsing Andrea Slobogan for a position on the Town Council of North Attleboro.

For the past four years I have worked on the North Attleborough Cultural Council with Annie. As the chair of the council, Annie has kept us focused and on task before and throughout the pandemic, her attention to detail and ability to recall information is impressive. She is a staunch supporter of the arts and education in North Attleborough and seems to have boundless energy when attacking a project.

Annie, along with her husband Matt, is a small business owner in North Attleborough. As such, she is active in the downtown business owner’s group, working to bring residents and visitors to downtown to support the merchants and restaurants. The group is responsible for the new banners that celebrate our historic area, in fact, Annie and hung the banners themselves!

Annie is passionate about our town and its history, along with her own ideas she supports the input of others to work to make North Attleboro a town that people want to visit, bringing increased revenue to the town.

The residents of North Attleborough would be well represented and served by Annie.

Regards, Toni Klopfenstein


Annie Slobogan is invested in North Attleborough

Annie Slobogan has my vote for town council. I’ve known Annie and her family for many years, seven to be exact. Our paths crossed while we were both attending a PTO meeting at Roosevelt Ave School. Annie was always the parent who would raise her hand to help run the many PTO-sponsored events. She even took the lead and put on a mother/son carnival at the school. She worked tirelessly with other parents and volunteers to transform Roosevelt Avenue School into a spectacular carnival, complete with carnival snacks, games and music. Annie ran this carnival for years until her children were off to the middle school.

Annie is not only a dedicated parent, she is also extremely invested in our town. She has lived in North Attleborough since 2002 and has not stopped volunteering her time and giving back to the community. She is the Downtown North Attleboro Business Group Chairman and has been for the past three years. On top of that, for the past six years she has been the North Attleboro Cultural Council Chairman.

You may have seen, while driving down East Washington Street, the new banners, Annie not only made the design, but hung them with her husband Matt. Her dedication to the town does not stop there she has recently worked with the director of Economic Development and the Town Manager on grant opportunities for downtown such as, outdoor dining, signage and much more. Annie Slobogan has my vote on April 6. I hope she will have yours as well.

Sincerely, Nancy Latham

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