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New artwork to adorn utility boxes in North Attleborough

By Mia Gomes-North Star Reporter Intern

Keep North Attleboro Beautiful has an important mission—to restore the cleanliness and beauty of the community.

Among its most recent projects is one to decorate the utility boxes around town with beautiful designs created from local artists’ submissions.

When asked about the origins of the project, Goldstein said “It’s a part of our mission. The fire department wanted to do this, and one of our board members thought it was a good idea.”

The utility boxes are to be decoratively wrapped in artwork. The one at the corner of Elm and N. Washington streets was the first to be done. Other towns affiliated with Keep America Beautiful have done the same project, and it’s proven to be successful, according to Goldstein.

Other towns have done it, you can go online and see that,” said Goldstein. “I don’t know how many people have done it, but Keep Walpole Beautiful has asked for our inspirations as well.”

On the topic of the artists responsible for the designs, KNAB received an overwhelming amount of submissions. Goldstein said that those that made submissions consisted of “26 kids of all ages, and a few adults. We only got to pick nine because we can only wrap nine boxes.”

Additionally, choosing which nine designs to pick was done through a voting process from all of the board members at KNAB. The envelopes with the most slips of paper were chosen.

As of right now, there is no concrete date of completion for this project. Goldstein said that the completion of each one depends on the availability of the manufacturers who made them. She predicted that in the next few months the wraps could all be completed and displayed around town.

Goldstein also mentioned that there was just one guideline for the artists submitting their work. “We asked the artists to put ‘KNAB’ or ‘Keep North Attleboro Beautiful’ somewhere on their designs. We want people to walk by, see the design, and think ‘Wow, Keep North Attleboro Beautiful made that impact.’”


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