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Instagram accounts celebrate North Attleborough’s Class of 2020

By Aidan Judge-North Star Reporter Intern

They may not be in physical classrooms, but the school spirit and celebrations never stopped for seniors at North Attleboro High School in their last few months.

Beginning shortly after the spread of COVID-19, NAHS seniors wanted to make sure all of their fellow classmates got the recognition they deserved for their big plans after graduating. Instagram accounts titled “northcommits2020” and “nahs_nowyoureseeing2020” were started to share where the North Attleborough Class of 2020 is headed after their time at NAHS, whether it be college, the military, or even straight to the workforce.

The pages have a simple, yet effective set-up: A portrait of the student is posted with the college they have committed to displayed next to them in the form of the school’s logo. In some cases, students are seen physically at the college they have committed to, or signing papers if they are planning on participating in athletics as well.

Both accounts cover a wide range of universities and future paths for students, ranging from state schools, Ivy Leagues, and branches of the U.S. military.

Perhaps the most moving aspect of both accounts is the fact that they were both started by NAHS seniors with one goal: to spread positivity and congratulate their classmates.

We wanted to create this page as part of our own curiosity as to where our classmates that we have known since elementary were doing after we graduate. Being in quarantine during the time of people committing to their schools made us realize we had little knowledge about what our class was doing with their futures,” said Emma Nye, co-creator of “northcommits2020”.

Gabriella Rondinelli is one of many NAHS graduates to be featured on the nahs_nowyoureseeingnorth page. She’ll be attending Mount Holyoke College to study neuroscience and psychology. Courtesy photo

Since the creation of the pages, the NAHS community has taken well to the creation of the accounts and their presence on social media.

We’ve got nothing but positive responses to our page. It’s a wide variety of age groups that follow our page whether they’re from North Attleboro or not and all their comments are so kind and encouraging. Everyone is so thankful and proud to submit their upcoming plans to us so we are able to publish it to the world to see how successful our class has become!” says Danielle Glidden, co-creator of “northcommits2020”.

The future of the accounts, however, seems to be undetermined at the moment. Although they were mainly created because of the coronavirus pandemic, the account creators hope the legacy lives on for future graduating classes.

I definitely see these pages being used in the future for other NAHS graduates, not only for this purpose but many other things as well, seeing as people from our school have made accounts for prom, class officers, team sports, yearbook and many other things,” said Gianna Marsella, Class of 2020 graduate.

Maria Fitian, who started the “nahs_nowyoureseeing2020” isn’t as sure if the pages will see the same interest once the pandemic passes.

With COVID people are relying on social media to stay in touch, it’s pretty much our only connection to the outside world and so under normal circumstances, people won’t be so reliant on social media because they can share it in person and on the bulletin board at school or something,” she said.

Although they can’t say it to their underclassmen in person, both account creators have advice they hope that future senior classes can take as they move into their final years.

Definitely enjoy every second of it, sounds generic but coming from someone who is graduating during a global pandemic it’s heartbreaking to have the floor ripped out from under you with no control,” said Sydney Brissette, who helped launch northcommits2020. “The last 3 months of your senior year are suppose to be the best 3 months of school in your life and dealing with the loss of that has definitely been tough so cherish every moment.”

To any future senior: enjoy it!” said Fitian. “These are your last moments in high school with the people you grew up with. Enjoy every minute of it because it flies by!”

Both accounts are still currently active on Instagram and can be viewed publicly. Congratulations to the NAHS class of 2020!

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