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NAHS salutes graduates with a summer-long celebration of the Class of 2020

There may not be a day when the town can join together in a traditional graduation ceremony on campus or at Community Field to honor, graduate, and congratulate our seniors; however, there is a great summer ahead full of spectacular days when the entire community can celebrate the graduates every day. North Attleborough High School has made arrangements with Championship Award-Guys to create an awesome sign campaign to remind seniors of how much they matter to us despite this unanticipated change in the end-of-year senior activity plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With these signs hanging throughout the town, we can all enjoy a summer long celebration of the Class of 2020.

In just a few short weeks, North Attleborough High School will be hanging individual banners for every single student in the entire class. Each banner will include a picture and congratulatory language highlighting each senior as a proud member of the great class of 2020. These banners will be hung together on the Landry Avenue fences where the entire class will be on display. Each senior deserves to be recognized and celebrated and with all banners hung together in one location it will be an inspiring representation of the excellence of the entire class.

In addition to the individualized student banners, there will also be signs for some of the school’s most prestigious and traditional awards related to academics, arts, and athletics. The student recipients of these awards will be featured on an individual sign to be hung at various locations throughout town.

Finally, NAHS will be hanging two giant banners designed to express sincere congratulations to each member of the class from the entire community. These banners will be hung across two high-traffic roads at different locations in town where pedestrians and drivers can see and celebrate the class throughout the summer months.

Here’s what needs to happen:

  1. If you have already hung a banner on any fence in town, please take it down as soon as possible. We are going to create a banner as a part of the Class of 2020. Your cooperation is appreciated.
  2. If you haven’t submitted a picture to the school for the yearbook but do want a picture on an individualized banner, please send a photo of yourself to Mrs. McCrory by emailing her at smccrory@naschools.net. Please submit the picture by Tuesday, May 19.
  3. If you don’t want a banner hung but do want one as memorabilia, please indicate that to Mrs. McCrory in an email. We will purchase your banner and set it aside to obtain at a date to be determined. Please email Mrs. McCrory by Tuesday, May 19, at smccrory@naschools.net.
  4. Once these banners have been taken down they will be available to pick up and take home at no cost. Information about how to obtain your banner will be communicated when a plan to remove them has been determined.
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