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Schools cancel upcoming events, fields and gyms close

By Max Bowen

With an abundance of caution and concern for public safety regarding COVID-19, upcoming school trips have been canceled and fields and gyms will be closed.

In an announcement made on March 13 through the Board of Health, all fields and gyms for youth group activities for spring games and practices would be closed until March 31, at the earliest. This includes, but is not limited to—Little North Attleboro League, RedHawks Baseball, NA Big Red LAX, NA Travel Softball Association, Adult Softball League and the North Soccer Club. Teams that play out of town are asked to refrain from playing at this time to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

During this period, the Park & Recreation Department in conjunction with the Town Manager and Health Department will be evaluate daily and communicate any changes to the time line for programs to resume use of fields and gyms,” the statement read.

In addition, the following classes have been canceled until the end of the month at the Senior Center—Ukulele, Chair Yoga, and Thai Chi.

On March 12, School Superintendent Scott Holcomb sent a letter to parents that all non-essential gatherings open to the public would be canceled, regardless of their size. This cancellation will affect upcoming field trips, dances, and other events that have been planned. Further details will be provided in a separate correspondence from principals.

This is understandably disappointing news, and we will do our best to reschedule these when/if possible,” wrote Holcomb.

North Attleborough COVID-19 Case Watch

The number of presumptive/confirmed cases in North Attleborough: No presumptive/confirmed cases at this point (as of March 13)

Number of cases being monitored in North Attleborough: 3 (March 13)

Confirmed case or positive case means that a specimen was tested and confirmed by the CDC for COVID-19.

Presumptive case means a specimen was tested and was positive by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, but not yet confirmed by CDC.

Monitored case means a person that has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19, traveled to areas that have a Level 3 Travel Notice or had exposure to people in those areas.

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