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Teacher on leave following harassment charge

An educator at the Joseph W. Martin, Jr. Elementary School is on paid administrative leave following a charge of harassment of a female co-worker.

Frank Bonfilio was arrested on Nov. 18 on a warrant for criminal harassment, according to court records. On three separate times starting in September, Bonfilio allegedly verbally harassed the victim, also employed by the school.

The two had begun as friends, with Bonfilio helping her out with yardwork, according to court records. But over time, he became argumentative with the victim, particularly when she would speak with other men. At one point, the victim began helping a co-worker with a personal matter, which Bonfilio allegedly responded to aggressively, asking her what the two of them were doing.

Among the incidents listed in the records, Bonfilio allegedly entered the victim’s home in July using the alarm code for her garage, given to him while doing the yardwork. The victim was asleep at the time, and her son told her that Bonfilio had been inside. She told police that his truck could be seen leaving her driveway.

According to court records, Bonfilio would tell the victim that he was having dreams of her being hurt and that he would come to her rescue. At on point, he told her that he had woken up early in the morning and grabbed one of his guns, ready to go to her home to save her. He allegedly told the victim that he would “get her fired and make her life a living %@#$.”

The victim later spoke to the Martin School Principal and School Superintendent Scott Holcomb, and a Stay Away order was issued to Bonfilio. Some time later, he allegedly verbally assaulted one of the victim’s children.

She stated she is in fear while at work and at home,” court records stated, adding that the victim became very afraid after learning that Bonfilio has access to firearms.

Bonfilio has a License to Carry, issued by the North Attleborough Police Officer. It has since been suspended, and five firearms—three rifles, a shotgun, and a handgun, along with ammunition—were removed from his home. When questioned on two additional firearms listed under his name, Bonfilio told police that they had been sold to Dick’s Sporting Goods some time ago.

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