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Police determine threat made to North Attleborough High School to be a hoax

Police will have a strong presence at North Attleborough High School on Friday in response to a threat of violence which has been determined to be a hoax.

In a statement to the police’s Facebook page, the department stated that they were aware of a threat that had been circulating on social media. Following an investigation, it had been determined that the threat was not credible.

However, to ease the minds of students, staff, and parents, a heavy police presence would be at the high school on Friday

In an e-mail sent to parents, it was stated that at 8:45 Thursday evening, School Resource Officer Kristine Crosman shared a screenshot from a social media exchange seemingly involving or including NAHS students about a potential shooting at the school. During the later part of the school day, an NAHS student verbally threatened another student with violence, which was reported to the administration.

Following this, students who overheard or witnessed the threat incorrectly changed the content or meaning of the exchange and posted on social media that there was a shooting planned at NAHS for Friday, Nov. 22.

The NAPD investigation determined that there was never a threat made for a school shooting to occur and that the entire situation was fabricated and exaggerated based on the decision of a student to publicly post a false claim of the danger of a school shooting on social media,” the e-mail stated.

The e-mail states that all parties responsible for posting and sharing this information are being identified and contacted by the NAPD.

There are no substantiated reports of danger or any indication that this social media exchange involves anything other than a rumor, a false threat, or purposefully designed plan to incite fear,” the e-mail stated.

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