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Low and Non-Detected Fluoride Levels Water

In 2000, the Town of North Attleborough voted to add fluoride to the drinking water. Fluoride in small amounts is known to benefit dental health in young children and prevent tooth decay. Due to fluoride injection safety issues at several locations, fluoride injection into the water system was eliminated in some of the source points and fluoride addition to the water system been limited to the Whiting Street Treatment Facility only since approximately 2011. This has resulted in some residents receiving reduced levels of fluoride (below the 0.7 mg/l optimal level recommended by the CDC ) and some residents, at times, receiving no fluoride in their drinking water. As our customers, you have a right to know that this has occurred, what you should do, and what we are doing to correct this situation.

The Water Department has several well locations throughout Town- The Whiting St Treatment Facility, the Kelley Blvd Treatment Facility, the Hillman Well (Huntsbridge Road) and the Adamsdale Well (off of Grandview Drive). All locations pump water into the system and the various sources are off line for periods of time throughout the year. This creates a blend of drinking water sources within the system. This blending dilutes the fluoride concentration in the drinking water to levels below the DEP allowed limit of 0.7 mg/l to 0 mg/l in some areas.

What should I do?

  • If you are concerned about low or absent levels of fluoride in your drinking water, adults should consult their dentist, doctor/pediatrician and show him/her this notice to determine if an alternate source of fluoride should be used.

What does this mean?

Fluoride injection is not required by the DEP. But in opting to fluoridate the water in Town, pediatricians and pediatric dentists typically do not prescribe fluoride pills to young children. This would cause families to believe that they were receiving fluoride at recommended levels through their drinking water when, at times they were not.

What we are doing to resolve the issue?

The Department of Public Works is seeking cost estimates to add facilities to each of the distribution sites that currently do not inject fluoride into the system. Due to the nature of sodium fluoride a number of safety features must be constructed to ensure a safe working environment for mixing and injection.

The Department will also meet with the Board of Health and Town Council to discuss putting a ballot question before residents through a Town-wide vote to eliminate the addition of fluoride to the system.

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