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Farmers Market sees a strong support following June opening

Casey Finn promoting her sun chasers at Veterans Park for the at the North Attleborough Farmers Market on Wednesday, June 26. Staff Photo/Michael Oliveira

By Michael Oliveira

As it has for the past few years, the kickoff to summer goes hand-in-hand with the opening of the North Attleborough Farmers Market.

The market is open on Wednesdays from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m from June 5 to Sept. 11. There are between 30 and 35 vendors each week representing their businesses.

“The turnout has been great, the weather just started getting really hot last week, but the breeze makes it a nice escape to get here.” said Annie Slobogan, head of the North Attleborough Collaborative and the co-chair of the market.

“Last week was the hottest day so far, and it was quite full, so it goes up and down, one minute will be full, and the next minute it tapers down and you get the next rush of what’s happening.”

Of the vendors, there were various different items and businesses being promoted. Alannah Almedia, who worked with Under the Sun Farm out of North Dighton has been very happy with the turnout so far.

“This is our first year at this market, and I think anywhere we go, it’s always an opportunity to find new friends, make new connections, every single farmers market is different,” said Almeda. “We get new people, new groups of vendors and customers so it’s a really fun experience.”

Other farms included the Sisto sisters, Sophia and Lucy, who had their own stand as well. This station included flowers, and vegetables from their family farm.

Along with farms, there were other types of vendors as well. Casey Finn, a North Attleborough local, had her own stand where she would sell sun catchers.

Sun catchers are small reflective, and refractive ornaments. that include glass or nacre pieces. They are hung indoors near a window to “catch” sunlight.

“I love the North Attleborough Farmers Market because it brings people from all over and it’s really good for the business and grows my online support as well.” said Finn.

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