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North Attleborough Middle School recognizes Alexandra Izzo for volunteer work

Superintendent John Antonucci and North Attleborough Middle School Principal Rebecca Paulhus would like to recognize eighth-grade student Alexandra Izzo for excellence demonstrated through her recent volunteer work at Taunton Area Community Table’s (TacT) Sibling Shop for Sibling event.

The TacT Sibling Shop for Sibling event was held on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

The TacT Sibling shop for Sibling event allows children to shop for gifts for their siblings during the holiday season, free of charge. All items are donated to the Taunton Area Community Table and are free for children to pick out and bring home for their siblings.

This year, Izzo was responsible for 90% of all items donated. This is the fourth year that Izzo has participated in the event.

“I am immensely proud of Alex for embodying the true spirit of giving during this holiday season,” Paulhus said. “Her dedication to volunteering, thoughtful donation of gifts, and selfless commitment to the community set a shining example for us all.”

In the weeks leading up to the event, Izzo solicited gifts from friends, neighbors and teachers, by advertising the need for gifts online and in person. Toys and donations are then dropped off at the Izzo family’s house and delivered to TacT. Her mom, Sam Izzo, her dad, Mike Izzo, and sister Abbie Izzo, also joined the effort to help Alex secure donations.

On the evening of Dec. 12, 59 community members gathered at the Taunton Area Community Table and enjoyed a dinner of pizza and ice cream before the shopping began.

Throughout the night, 35 children shopped for gifts for their brothers and sisters and had them wrapped by TacT volunteers before taking them home for the holidays.

During the week of Dec. 11, Principal Paulhus received a phone call from Wendy Berry of Taunton Area Community Table, who wanted to recognize Izzo for her contributions during the event.

“Our district is privileged to have students like Alex whose outstanding generosity through volunteering and heartfelt contributions of gifts during the holiday season truly reflect the character and compassion we strive to instill,” Antonucci said. “Her commitment to making a positive impact is commendable.”

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