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Lieutenant general tells Bishop Feehan Students to “find their why”

Most people go to school by walking. Others take a car or bus. 

Lt. Gen. Jonathan P. Braga chose a different method of transportation to visit Bishop Feehan High School—an MH47 military helicopter.

As the helicopter touched down on the school’s softball field the morning of Dec. 4, School President Tim Sullivan, the Student Council and the hockey captain were on hand to greet him. Students shook Braga’s hand and were given a tour of the MH47’s interior.

“This is nothing like I have ever seen before,” freshman Serena Dorosa said. “We never had someone come to campus in a helicopter.”

A graduate of the Class of 1987, Braga visited his alma mater to speak on the importance of service and encouraged the student body to discover their passions and help people by pursuing them. He encouraged students involved in team sports, the arts, and STEM to keep their dreams alive and always maintain sight of their goals.

“Be true to what’s in you, your heart, your spirit,” Braga said. “Follow your dream, whether it be your sports, your STEM, your robotics, follow that dream and have no regrets.”

Braga recounted his time at Bishop Feehan as a student and captain of the 1987 hockey team. He said the lessons he took from school still resonate today in his work and personal life.

In addition, Braga told students to be involved in their local and federal government by registering to vote in the 2024 election, saying it was important to be part of the democratic process as a “call to arms.”

“How do you want to be remembered?” Braga asked the students. “Find your why.”

Following the speech, Braga was given a demonstration of the students’ work in the school’s robotics and engineering space and shown a presentation of drones built by students. He also met with 20 students interested in joining the Armed Services after graduating high school.

Senior Andrew Deguzman said he was considering enlisting in the United States Air Force and was honored to meet with Braga to learn about his experience in the military.

“I think its a great opportunity for students to get a new perspective,” Deguzman said. “I’m really excited about this and I am excited I got to talk to him.”

Braga received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the school, which honored his services as a former student and a member of the Army.

“The words from Feehan today are proud and thankful,” said Sullivan. “We are proud of General Braga, his accomplishments and his commitment to others. And thankful that he was able to come back and share with our Feehan community. It was a special day on campus today, one our students will never forget.”

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