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Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School names new principal

Tri-County is proud to announce the appointment of Dana Walsh as the incoming principal. With the retirement of Michael Procaccini, the school needed a new leader to continue its mission and values.

“Whether Tri-County students elect to pursue their chosen vocation or further education upon graduation, they are uniquely prepared with a skill set to navigate the demands of their chosen profession or education program,” stated Walsh.

Walsh has been a valued member of the Tri-County family for over 12 years. When she was first hired, she brought 20 years of professional experience as a social worker and college professor to the Tri-County community. Her experience and expertise will be invaluable in achieving her vision for the school. Walsh has a proven track record in leadership and management, adolescent development, family and community engagement, and honing a positive learning environment.

Through her previous position at Tri-County, Walsh collaborated with the leadership team in an effort to develop a school improvement plan that incorporated school policies that encompassed the holistic well-being of students. She was charged with leading a weekly multidisciplinary wellness team meeting that helped determine interventions needed for at-risk students. Through her time at Tri-County, Walsh has connected with the students and their families as well as the community. Her ability to build partnerships and lead the development of programming to meet student needs in the changing landscape of education has had proven results in our community.

For years Walsh has spearheaded initiatives to help create a welcoming environment for students. From building partnerships with community-based agencies to expanding services available to the students to developing and providing professional development on a variety of topics to support rigor and student achievement, Walsh has a well-rounded approach that will help shape the future of Tri-County. Walsh enters the principal position during an exciting time, where the potential that vocational schools offer is especially evident.

“We are excited for Mrs. Walsh to step into the principal role. Her demonstrated commitment to vocational education and specifically Tri-County will benefit her in connecting with teachers, parents, and students,” said Dr. Karen M. Maguire, Director/Superintendent. “We know she will continue to create a positive environment for our community, and we look forward to her leadership.”

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