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Mansfield candidate plans write-in campaign for November

By Max

Following an unsuccessful attempt to get on the November ballot through a write-in campaign on the State Primary, Patrick McCue has decided to make another go for the state representative seat.

In an e-mail, McCue wrote that he would be running a write-in campaign as a Republican in the November General Election. McCue attempted something similar in September, seeking the 150 votes needed to be added to the ballot in November for the 14th Bristol District state representative. Between portions of Mansfield and Attleboro and all of North Attleborough, he only received 30 votes.

McCue said the lessons learned were to have better outreach to voters, letting them know he is running and making his name easier to remember. He added that planning is a key factor with a write-in campaign.

“You have to go through and plan everything you are going to have to try and accomplish, especially with such a short time,” he said. “Mainly I learned you cannot do this alone and there are a lot of wonderful people in our community that are happy to lend a hand.”

“I passionately believe in my reasons for running and fully grasp the struggle this will be, but at the same time do see a path to victory,” he said in his announcement.

McCue was not the only candidate seeking a write-in win. William Hymon, also of Mansfield, ran such a campaign in the primary for the same state representative seat. He came close with 131 votes. Several Attleboro residents voted for him, but for different seats.

McCue said his goal is to give voters a choice this November, with so many incumbents running unopposed. State Rep. Adam Scanlon (D-North Attleborough) was slated to see an unchallenged second term prior to McCue and Hymon announcing their campaigns. McCue said Scanlon is a “great guy,” but added that their policy beliefs differ greatly.

“I want to help Massachusetts and Bristol 14th have another bipartisan voice on Beacon Hill trying to give a check on the Democrat supermajorities, especially with the prospect of another Democrat controlled branch, as Governor Baker leaves office,” McCue wrote.

McCue cited inflation, support for police, reduced government control, energy solutions, changes to public schools, drug addiction, and competent environmental policy as some of the issues he hopes to work on. He said all of these issues are important, but wishes to focus on the opioid epidemic that has effected every community.

“Another is controlling fiscal spending and boosting our economy to help combat inflation and the out of control cost of living in the state,” he said. “Schools are another priority I take seriously and I believe we have to create well thought out changes to our public school system in Massachusetts to help our students get a stable and informational curriculum that is outside the perdations of politics.”

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