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Abandoned puppy adopted by NAPD Officer Julie Lowe

NAPD Officer Antonia Zagami holds Axel, an Applehead Chihuahua puppy who was abandoned on Draper Avenue during a snowstorm in late February. On April 4, Axel was adopted by Officer Julie Lowe. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

By Max

Axel the puppy is going home.

The morning of April 4, the North Attleborough Police Department celebrated Axel’s adoption by Officer Julie Lowe. The dog, wearing a bandanna celebrating Autism Awareness Month, ran excitedly into the station to meet his new ‘Furever Family.’

Axel will join Lowe’s two dogs, a Doberman and Sheepadoodle, whom he’s already met and gets along great with. The four-month-old Applehead Chihuahua will also be a community mascot, appearing at town events and story times at Richards Memorial Library.

Axel will be at the police station Monday through Friday during regular work hours, and beds and toys have been set up in Lowe’s office and the records room. Lowe said while at the station he’ll be around 58 people who care for him.

He fits in naturally,” said Lowe, who also investigated Axel’s case. “He’s a good puppy, funny and playful.”

NAPD Officer Kevin Silvestri holds Axel, an Applehead Chihuahua puppy who was abandoned on Draper Avenue during a snowstorm in late February. On April 4, Axel was adopted by Officer Julie Lowe. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

Axel has become a local celebrity since he was found by the side of Draper Avenue in late February during a snowstorm. Axel’s former owner, 24-year-old Dominique Scott of Pawtucket, R.I., has been arrested on one charge of animal cruelty following a tip sent to the police. According to reports, Scott said she didn’t understand the level of care that a dog would need. Lowe said that Axel was left out for approximately 46 hours and temperatures during that time ranged from 18-34 degrees Fahrenheit.

According to reports, Scott was driving her car with Axel when the dog made a mess in the vehicle. Scott described this as the breaking point, after which she allegedly left the dog by the side of the road. Axel was found the next day by someone walking their own dog.

At first, Axel wasn’t available for adoption, as he had to get extensive medical care. When he was found in February, he suffered from malnourishment, the mange, and worms. On March 25, the adoption process officially began and Animal Control Officer Felicia Camara estimates that more than 500 people made inquiries. It’s a response that Camara has never seen before, and she attributes this in part to the media coverage. But it’s also that Axel’s story connected with so many.

We’ve gone as far north as Quebec, as far south as the Carolinas. inquiries and applications from the Midwest, and as far west as Oregon and Washington,” said Camara on Friday.

When asked what made Lowe the ideal pet parent, Camara said it was her already owning two dogs, but also the love that she will bring to Axel’s life.

Love, patience, and understanding is everything an animal needs from its owner,” she said.

Camara said that as a community mascot, Axel will give a lot of love back to the town that has shown such support. She said by being at the station he can be a positive element to those that are going through hard times and take them out of a difficult moment.

If he is able to serve the community by giving one person this moment of happiness or comfort, that’s worth it,” said Camara. “That’s what the world needs right now. It needs understanding, love, and patience. Axel is the community pup to do that.”

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