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North Attleborough schools to remain open as COVID cases rise

By Max

As COVID cases continue to rise state-wide, North Attleborough plans to continue offering in-person classes.

The town currently has 20 active cases, according to the Board of Health. Recently, North Attleborough joined the growing list of communities in the ‘red’ following a spike in COVID-19 cases, though this has since changed to ‘yellow’ as recoveries increased.

At a meeting of the School Committee earlier this month, Health Director Anne Marie Fleming said there have been no in-school transmissions of the virus. As of this printing, the number of students and staff quarantined due to out-of-school exposure is 41. There have been no in-school transmissions, and Fleming credited the students and staff adhering to the guidelines, which includes wearing masks and social distancing.

It’s limited to households, gatherings, and parties,” said Fleming. “Very few children, most of those getting sick are due to a household member.”

Superintendent Scott Holcomb said that if children get sick, they can easily pass the virus on to older family members.

Please don’t underestimate the level of intensity this virus can cause,” he said.

Holcomb said that at this time, there are no plans to close the schools. North Schools utilize a hybrid learning method, where students are broken into two groups, one attending classes twice a week and remote learning the other three. He added that Attleboro has also kept schools open, as the town has seen no in-school transmissions of the virus.

Holcomb said rapid test kits have been ordered for students, allowing for tests of students and faculty that are exhibiting symptoms. The kits aren’t 100 percent accurate, and so even if the results are negative, the person in question would be sent home.

Committee member Ethan Hamilton said that as the cold weather approaches people will be forced indoors, which could lead to more positive cases. He said there should be consideration of an all-remote week, to be on the safe side.

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