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State rep candidates offer election-day thoughts on strategy and clean campaigns

By Max Bowen-max.bowen@northstarreporter.com

With Election Day upon the nation and people heading to the polls, state representative candidates John Simmons and Adam Scanlon are proud of the campaigns they ran, particularly that they stuck to the issues.

Simmons [R] spoke of the work that he and Scanlon [D] do as members of the Town Council and how that wouldn’t be served by the two taking shots at one another. In a televised debate on North TV, the two asked challenging questions on meeting attendance and the issues they support. Simmons said he wanted to show that a campaign can pose these sorts of queries and remain respectful.

Just because we’re on opposite sides, it doesn’t mean he loves the district any less than I do,” Simmons said. “We just have different ideas.”

Scanlon said that in any campaign, one must focus on why they are running. For him, it’s about representing a community that has taught him to be a good neighbor. Two words that have defined his campaign have been ‘equity’ and ‘equality.’

When it comes to a positive campaign it benefits everyone,” said Scanlon. “It allows us to focus on the issues of the race.”

Both candidates said they were proud of the campaigns they run, even though COVID-19 restrictions meant they couldn’t host large gatherings. Simmons said this was a particularly challenging to fundraising efforts, and so he focused on fliers, advertising, knocking on doors and leaving leaflets which entailed his campaign platform. He said he felt excited that the big day has arrived.

Now we’re kind of wrapping it up with a bow, thanking everyone, greeting everyone and see what happens,” he said.

Scanlon faced similar hurdles and felt he and his team had done the best that they could under the circumstances. He said the campaign has grown through the process, attracting a great deal of support.

I’m happy to be here for my community,” he said.

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