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LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-Officials offer support to Scanlon and Simmons

Scanlon brings innovative thinking to the district

I am writing a letter of endorsement for Adam Scanlon in his run to be the next state representative for the 14th Bristol District.

I have known Councilor Scanlon since 2016 and have witnessed his efforts in bringing positive energy and helpful resources to North Attleborough and the region. His leadership skills helped to bring Green Communities to North Attleborough. Through his innovative thinking, he was able to provide this resource to the region which has helped both North Attleborough and Attleboro receive state funding for green initiatives. Councilor Scanlon always has a pulse on initiatives that can benefit North Attleborough and has been tireless in his efforts to secure funding even during challenging times.

Adam will be a voice for the citizens of this community and it is for this reason I urge you to vote for Adam Scanlon on Nov. 3.

Sincerely, Diana Holmes, Attleboro City Council Ward 6

Scanlon will fight and support the district

I’m writing today to express my enthusiasm for state representative candidate Adam Scanlon. I met Adam several years ago while he served on the School Committee. As an active parent in the PTOs, I’m involved in multiple activities and fundraisers each year; Adam has consistently reached out to see how we are doing and to ask how he can help. When I co-founded the food pantry inside Community School, Adam was the first community leader to visit and learn about what we were doing and why it was so incredibly important. This year, when COVID began, he continued to support our efforts in tackling food insecurity and checks-in often to find out how he can assist.

It’s been a privilege getting to know Adam. He cares deeply for this district and everyone who lives here. He listens fully, asks thoughtful questions, and tries to understand the issues and problems facing people in our community. I have no doubt Adam will continue to support and fight for all those in this district every day in his role as State Representative.

Please join me in voting for Adam Scanlon on (or before) Nov. 3.

Thank you, Sarah Stone

John Simmons is a candidate who understands your lives

To all the voters in the 14th Bristol District: as I leave the position of your State Representative I urge you to choose wisely who will become your next representative. It should be someone who understands the complexities of everyday life for the many people who live in this district. This is a very trying time for all, in particular the many who are struggling. These are issues of real life—loss of work, children in or out of school trying to keep up, paying your rent or mortgage, as well as maintaining your small business. These are all real issues, not theories or imagined.

There is only one candidate who lives your life and understands all these things. It is important to take real life issues to the State House with you as you represent the people of this district. There is only one candidate in this race who truly understand life as you know it and his name is John Simmons. He walks in your shoes and has all the same responsibilities. Life is real, not imagined. Policy making and writing and voting on laws have real world implications. Please do not send someone to represent you and make laws for you who does not have the experience or knowledge of how real life truly affects real people.

Betty Poirier, State Representative

John Simmons shares the concerns that we all face

For most of us, the November election for state representative will impact our community far more than a national election, and as a result we should take our vote very seriously.

I am fortunate to be able to make my decision based on knowing both candidates personally. I worked with Adam Scanlon a few years ago as part of the group that advanced the ballot question for North Attleborough voters on a new charter (which eventually passed and today we have a Town Manager and Town Council.) I know John Simmons as a small business owner and, having similarly-aged children, find myself in common social circles with him.

I know Adam has a lot of experience in local politics. I know John has a lot of experience running a business, raising a family, volunteering in the community, and being a homeowner…just like me. John also was elected as a member of our newly-formed Town Council after the charter vote passed. Passing the charter and establishing our new form of government was a great move and the biggest change to the status quo in North Attleborough in recent memory. Adam, who coincidentally was also elected to the first Town Council, vocally opposed passage of the charter, which was a curious circumstance given Adam presents himself now as a challenger of the status quo.

The odd juxtaposition and shifting of Adam’s views on important matters, though, is not the reason I am voting for John Simmons.

I am voting for John because he will best represent me as a parent, small business owner, taxpayer, homeowner, and community volunteer because he recognizes the shared concerns and issues we all face. The issues I face aren’t theoretical to John. He knows them because they are the same issues he faces as a parent, business owner, and taxpayer.

I fully trust that John will make the best decisions for me and my family because he’s making the decisions for his own family and community as well.

John isn’t trying to become a career politician. He’s a resident of the 14th Bristol District who sees an opportunity to help the community as someone who has been there and done that. He understands your concerns and worries because, like you, he lives them every day.

Join me in voting for John Simmons on Nov. 3.

Erin Sweeney, North Attleborough

Adam will be a leader, a voice, an advocate, and representative

Our district is fortunate to have two passionate State Representative Candidates. This election has brought about an exciting opportunity for change in our rapidly evolving community. Being a Chair and member of several boards, committees, and organizations within the town, I have gotten to know Adam Scanlon and witness his exemplary leadership in action over the past several years. It is an honor to work alongside him. The breadth of experience he has makes him an indispensable asset and pillar within our community.

Adam’s focus on economic and community development, revitalization, and sustainability ensure that he will be ready to face the economic challenges of our future. State aid has consistently decreased for years and is now at risk given the devastating economic impact of the pandemic. Adam will transparently and zealously address this issue and understands how to best advocate for increased local aid within our community.

Adam understands that our community has diverse needs and is open-minded. Taking a multi-faceted approach to economic growth, he nurtures the community we live in and promotes public welfare. He is a member of our Land Trust Steering Committee that focuses on our preserving our environment to leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. As a councilor, has drafted legislation to address abandoned and vacant properties to protect the health and safety of our residents, protect the integrity of our neighborhoods and property values, and prevent blight.

As a former School Committee Member, Adam will fight for students, teachers, and quality education for all. He will advocate for affordable education for working-class families to develop the workforce and stimulate our economy, building pathways for growth.

Our diverse family trusts that Adam will tirelessly advocate for equality on all fronts. He will support legislation that will bridge the income inequality gap, and enhance educational and workforce development opportunities. I deeply understand that we need a representative who is committed to protecting our most vulnerable populations. He will combat discrimination and prejudice of any kind.

Equity, opportunity, community. Adam is a leader, a voice, an advocate, and representative who will stand with us all. A born humanitarian, he knew early on that he wanted to devote his life to serving our community.

Being a community leader, mother and wife, a student, a small-business owner, and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, I sincerely support Adam Scanlon as our next state representative.

Susan Taylor, North Attleborough

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