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North Attleborough Town Hall to fully reopen at end of July

By Max

The phased reopening of North Attleborough municipal offices will soon enter its next step.

At the Town Council meeting on July 13, Town Manager Michael Borg said that on or near July 27, Town Hall would be open to the public. Currently, town offices are open on an appointment-only basis. The doors are locked, and those that wish to enter must first call the main office. This also applied to the fire department’s business office, the animal shelter, and other facilities.

As of late, new cases of COVID-19 have been dropping across the state, and medical professionals have been able to test those who may have had the disease in the early days of the pandemic, but could not be tested back then due to a lack of kits or the stringent criteria.

In North Attleborough, the current case total is 305, up 41 from a few weeks ago. However, Board of Health Director AnneMarie Fleming has said that most of these cases are those who have the antibodies for COVID-19 and no longer exhibit symptoms. Approximately 210 people have reportedly recovered and a total of 28 deaths have been reported. Because of this change in cases, Borg felt it may be safe to proceed to a full re-opening of Town Hall.

If I do feel the numbers are not conducive, we may remain on an appointment-only basis,” he said.

Should the full re-opening proceed as planned, Borg said there would still be a staggered employee presence, and the remote work policy currently in effect would continue. Signage would be placed around Town Hall and marks would be on the floor to show proper social distancing.

I would emphasize the importance of carrying the message,” said Borg. “Wear the masks, wash your hands, and avoid meetings in enclosed places.”

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