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North first-grader gets drive-thru birthday

Community School teacher Ellena Augoustakis made a sign for Nora Martin for her seventh birthday. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

By Max

Nora Martin got a big surprise for her seventh birthday, and it wasn’t just new new trampoline.

Nora’s mother Kendra Seitz worked with North Attleborough Police Officer Kristine Crosman and Ellena Augoustakis, Nora’s teacher at the Community School, to arrange the celebration. She said that it’s something she’s seen others do as social distancing has prevented typical birthday parties. In fact, one of Nora’s friends had a similar party recently.

A lot of people are doing it now,” she said.

Martin was delighted to see a parade of friends and family, as well as North Attleborough first responders drive by her home on Thursday, May 7. She waved excitedly as they drove by and called out to them. On the sidewalk in front of her house were chalk messages wishing Nora a happy birthday.

I can’t believe you got the firemen,” she said to her mother.

Many of the people in the birthday parade for Nora Martin made signs wishing her a happy birthday or tied balloons to their vehicles. Staff Photo/Max Bowen

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