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Group formed to plan high school senior events

By Max

Between April 1 and the end of the school year, there are a number of events for the graduating seniors, and plans are being made to see which ones can be done safely.

At the virtual School Committee meeting on May 4, NAHS Principal Peter Haviland outlined the different celebrations typically held for the seniors, including the senior assembly, awards night, prom, and graduation. While some of these may not be held, graduation is a priority and a group of 25 staff, parents, and students have been discussing how this can be done, working in conjunction with the Board of Health.

Lot of schools have plans,” said Haviland. “We want to act quick, but not be in a hurry.”

In late April, Gov. Charlie Baker announced that Massachusetts school buildings would be closed through the end of the academic year and distance learning would continue.

Some suggestions for graduation have included a drive-thru ceremony or virtual event. Haviland said he has been speaking with North TV staff to discuss options, saying that a video component will likely be a part of the event. Graduation was originally planned for June 5.

Our goal now is to provide the best experience possible,” he said. “The seniors have put in a ton of time as great leaders and conducted themselves with grace and dignity. We want to honor them, but in the confines of regulations of the state and local Board of Health.”

NAHS Student Representative Maria Fitian, who also attended the meeting on the senior events, agreed that graduation is being looked at above the others. She added that postponing the event is being considered to keep everyone safe.

It is on our minds and we are thinking of ways to do it safely,” she said.

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